Adam L. Ster: The MasterBodyWorker for World Champions


Step into Adam’s world, that of a renowned expert as a movement specialist, healer, and rotational alignment & rotational relationship with gravity expert. His dedication to the human body and healing/recovery/performance science has made him one of the most sought after healers and preventative health specialists by professional athletes and non-athletes around the world.

Adam’s natural healing journey began with personal exploration. Captivated by organic supplements, and optimizing human performance through training and diet, he was able to unlock his potential. Self-experimentation turned into strategies; the result of which is 14 years of developing protocols known only to him. “The mother of invention is necessity”.

Adam’s adept training & well-honed protocols made him legendary with the best athletes in the world, and made him a crucial part of 3 superbowls, many world champions in all sports and countless others acheive their goals and dreams. His transformative spotlight on the “Joe Rogan Podcast” episode 1950 by the #1 run defensive run stopper, Derek Wolfe was just the start of the public's understanding of his disciplines.

Adam also played a crucial role in the Emmy award winning film, “Anyone of US”, a true life story about a paralyzed Red Bull sponsored downhill mountain biker named Paul Basagoitia. He was instrumental in helping Paul not only walk again but get back on his bike doing tricks off jumps like he used to. Red Bull had Adam with Paul for months and the result is anything but a miracle.

For almost two decades, he’s explored the connection between the human body & functional body engineering. Adam’s narrative intertwines science, nature, & human potential. His story showcases relentless dedication, innovation, & compassion. Adam continues to define the potential of wellness, he is a testament to the boundless possibilities from an insatiable thirst for knowledge & an unyielding determination to enhance the lives of others!

Adam is a Certified Personal Trainer and is Certified in Sports Nutrition.