Take back your life, we can show you how by fixing your rotational relationship with gravity

Join the thousands of people using the 3-minute proven protocols trusted by Olympians, NFL champs, and world-renowned athletes to keep their bodies performing at the highest level.

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Protocols For Everybody to Enhance Your Life

Competitive Athletes, Fitness Enthusiast, Weekend Warriors, Business Professionals, Construction Workers, Recovery Patients etc.

Greater Mobility

Dive deep into Adam's unique protocols w/ techniques top athletes use. Greater mobility isn’t just about flexibility; it's about moving safer & more efficiently in every direction at every moment.

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Recover Faster

Getting back in the action is crucial. With Adam's protocols, you're not just recovering, you're rebuilding safer, stronger, faster, and more resilient than before. Shave days off your recovery time.

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Peak Performance

Ever wonder how the elites stay at the top? It‚Äôs not just talent‚ÄĒit‚Äôs the little things. Peak performance safely, efficiently & consistently is the game changer.. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

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I Am Adam L. Ster


With these protocols I have helped olympic athletes bring out their best, NFL athletes unlock their full potential & thousands of everyday people balance their rotational relationship with gravity feeling great.


More About Me

Three Stages to Elevate & Transform

 Master Adam's foundational protocols and be the first to get our next round of progression protocols

Level 1: Foundation Flex

Start your journey with the basics. This is where every elite athlete began. Ground yourself with essential movements that build a strong base. 

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Level 2: Momentum Master

Take your skills up a notch. Dive deeper into advanced techniques, discovering the secret movements that propel athletes forward.                         

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Level 3: Gravitational Guru

The pinnacle of Adam's teachings. Engage with complex protocols that redefine your relationship with gravity, setting you apart from the rest.

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What can you expect from MBW Protocols?

MasterBodyWorker is all about getting the body aligned with simple movements utilizing gravity and generating energy for your body to perform at its best level.

Personalized Progression

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, our program adjusts to your needs, ensuring each individual experiences growth at their own pace.

Injury Prevention

More than just performance enhancement, our protocols prioritize your safety, helping you reduce the risk of common athletic injuries.                          

Time-Efficient Techniques

In our busy lives, every minute counts. Our 3-5 minutes twice a day protocols ensure you can easily incorporate them into any routine, no matter how hectic.


$1/7 Day Trial (level 1 only) $9.95/Mth after (for all levels & more)

Our Standard Plan

  • Level 1: Foundation Flex
  • Level 2:¬†Momentum Master
  • Level 3: Gravitational Guru
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Membership means Being Among The Elite


Thousands have transformed their athletic prowess in just 3 minutes a day, either first thing in the morning with your coffee before work, before you exercise or play a sport but is also great for recovery post as well. Join a community that includes World Champion Olympians, NFL legends, action sports elite, triathlon stars, UFC champions & weekend warriors from around the world. Your potential is limitless; tap into it with the trusted protocols they swear by.

George Karlaftis

NFL Super Bowl Champion
"Thank you Adam for everything you have done for me this season keeping me healthy all season long!"

Wes Welker

NFL Super Bowl Champion
"Adam, Thanks for getting me right."

Von Miller

NFL Super Bowl MVP & Champion
"Thanks Adam for keeping me so young! I don't know where I would be without you!"

Derek Wolfe

NFL Super Bowl Champion
"Thanks for all the great work & helping me perform at a such a high level.Your body engineering chnged my life"


Paul Basagoitia

Downhill Mountain Bike RedBull Champion
"Adam has been an absolute lifesaver in helping me recover from my injury. His expertisehelped me regain my life back!"

Bobby McGuire

Pro MotoCross
"Adam’s amazing & unique therapy and muscle treatment got me back on my feet again & amazaed my doctors!"

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Have fun by learning protocols from Adam L. Ster, the MasterBodyWorker for World Champions 

You don’t have to be a world champion athlete for your body & energy to feel like you are. Save days, even weeks off of your recovery time. 

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