Bobby McGuire

"In June 2009, I crashed practicing motocross and cased (wrecked) doing a 100 ft double. I broke 76 bones in total. I crushed my L4, L5, S1, and S2 lower back vertebrae. I snapped my spine in half, broke my left rib cage and collapsed my left lung. I broke both my knees and legs, and crushed all the bones in both of my feet. I woke up 6 days later halfway paralysed. The doctors said I would never walk again. After the first 8 surgeries the doctors wanted to amputate my legs. I refused to believe that I would not walk again."

"After 16 surgeries, physical therapists, and many other treatments I still was not on my feet. Since meeting Adam (the owner of) masterbodyworker, I have been standing and walking. Within two months Adam got me from being in a wheelchair and not even being able to bend my legs or feet, to standing and walking. Now, I am on my feet and have much more range in motion. Adam’s amazing and unique therapy and muscle treatment got me back on my feet. I feel progress after every session! My doctors are very surprised because they felt it would be at least a year before I could even stand. I plan on racing again before the second year anniversary is up thanks to Adam and all his help and support!" Bobby McGuire (Professional Motocross Racer #127)