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Taking elite athletes to the next level of performance

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Adam L. Ster has been working with elite athletes across all boundaries of sport.

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Truth in the numbers

2014-2015 NFL Denver Broncos & masterbodyworker


Total Players


Entire Season, full MBW Program


Started All 16 NFL Games


Of the 9 Broncos in the Pro Bowl

Why choose masterbodyworker?

6 Reasons Why The Program Works


Speed up recovery from daily grind to rehabilitation.


Only the best treatment on a client to client basis.


Recovery is the name of the game. You stay healthy, you perform at higher level day in and day out..


Increase overall flexibility, not just muscular but tissue flexibility at the core of the body's ability.


Always accessible to my clients. Oncall 24/7.


The sum of all the parts. Overall performance increases with full body balance, unlocking potential that was previously untapped!

"Movement is life"



Making Athletes Happy


"Adam, thanks for all your help."

Jacob Tamme

@Jacob Tamme
Denver Broncos #84 | Tight End


"Thanks for all the great work, you keep me athletic."

Eric Decker

@Eric Decker
New York Jets #87 | Wide Receiver


"Thanks for keeping me on the field."

Derek Wolfe

@Derek Wolfe
Denver Broncos #95 | Defensive End


"Thanks for everything buddy."

Von Miller

@Von Miller
Denver Broncos #58 | Line Backer


"Thanks for saving me"

@Manny Ramirez
Denver Broncos #66 | Center


"Adam, thanks for getting me right."

Wes Welker

@Wes Welker
Denver Broncos #83 | Wide Receiver

"In June 2009, I crashed practicing motocross and cased (wrecked) doing a 100 ft double. I broke 76 bones in total. I crushed my L4, L5, S1, and S2 lower back vertebrae. I snapped my spine in half, broke my left rib cage and collapsed my left lung. I broke both my knees and legs, and crushed all the bones in both of my feet. I woke up 6 days later halfway paralysed. The doctors said I would never walk again. After the first 8 surgeries the doctors wanted to amputate my legs. I refused to believe that I would not walk again."

"After 16 surgeries, physical therapists, and many other treatments I still was not on my feet. Since meeting Adam (the owner of) masterbodyworker, I have been standing and walking. Within two months Adam got me from being in a wheelchair and not even being able to bend my legs or feet, to standing and walking. Now, I am on my feet and have much more range in motion. Adam’s amazing and unique therapy and muscle treatment got me back on my feet. I feel progress after every session! My doctors are very surprised because they felt it would be at least a year before I could even stand. I plan on racing again before the second year anniversary is up thanks to Adam and all his help and support!"

Bobby McGuire (Professional Motocross Racer #127)

"Adam's simple hour long session has changed my life. His ability to keep my body healthy, while maximizing my potential has made it possible for me to train as hard as I can during the off season. But the real magic is his ability to prevent injuries during the long season which is invaluable."

Derek Wolfe (Denver Broncos Defensive End)

"Adam has been a true help to my weekly routine during an NFL season and even more instrumental in the offseason.  The constant nicks and bruises from the week in and week out competition puts my body in below peak condition.  With the hard work of Adam he has been able to assist me in returning to peak health and giving me the best opportunity to perform at a high level from week to week.  Thanks Adam for all your help!!!!"

Jeromey Clary (SD Chargers Offensive Line)

"I'm Louis Vasquez ex-San Diego Charger now Denver Bronco. My first two seasons in the NFL I was plagued with injuries. I spent most of my second year in the training room rehabbing my ailments. It all changed after meeting with Adam with masterbodyworker and working with him for the past 3 years. Since working with Adam I have finally completed my second 16 game season injury free. That is rare in the NFL. I have also felt the best since working with him and will continue to do so through out my career."

Louis Vasquez (Denver Broncos 1st Team All-Pro Guard)

"Adam Ster with Masterbodyworker has been a crucial part of my success, health, and longevity in the National Football League for the last two seasons. He has been a weekly staple in my regiment that keeps me at the top of my game. At times, we are doing routine maintenance, fighting to keep my body in alignment and working at its highest potential. Other times Adam has literally "saved" me when a surprisingly painful spasm or lock-up of the body occurred sometimes a day or two before the game. I'm very grateful to have found Adam and the services he provides. I would recommend him to any teammates looking to extend their careers and reach their potential."

Nick Hardwick (SD Chargers Pro Bowl Center & Team Captain)

"I would like to give my full endorsement of masterbodyworker as Movement, Performance, and Flexibility Specialists. Since working with Adam, I have noticed an immediate increase in my flexibility and overall physical health.  As a professional athlete I understand that my body is my business and I must treat it as such.  My goal is to always improve my physical abilities and performance.  Working with masterbodyworker has allowed me to achieve this.  I would recommend his services to any person who engages in physical activities, especially professional athletes.  Take your game to the next level!"

Vincent Jackson (Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pro Bowl Wide Receiver)

"You work miracles. On Monday of this week, I on was planning on a swim and bike. I have not been able to run for 2 weeks due to a foot injury. You changed that. Amazing. Words can not describe how much help you have been."

Trish Deim (Professional Triathlete)

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